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Choose Pro-Fab, your leading factory home builder for more than 25 years!

Choosing a builder you can trust is the first step towards your dream home. Whether you are purchasing a new house, cottage, single family home, or multi-unit investment, we craft dreams into reality.

At Pro-Fab, we understand that budgets are important. We pride ourselves in closely following your budgeted guidelines and meticulously sticking to work schedules. We also offer personalized and professional assistance throughout the process. It can be overwhelming to build a home, but when you purchase with Pro-Fab, you can trust us with the details. From start to finish, we stay with you every step of the way—from your first call to your custom home.

This process of standing by our customers through the whole process, is why we have won the Consumers’ ChoiceTM award, many years in a row.

Why make compromises with buying a resale home? Pro-Fab gives you the freedom to choose from a wide selection of custom features to create your own distinctive home. We build our homes well-above industry standards, using top of the line products, for a superior-quality home specially built to weather the seasons.

Pro-Fab exceeds customer’s expectations—from the roof to foundation, floor to ceiling, kitchen to living room, we guarantee delivery of a home that is made to last. This peace of mind offered by Pro-Fab makes an easy decision, even easier.

It all starts with your first visit. You’ll discover why thousands of satisfied owners across Quebec, Ontario and the United States have chosen to purchase their home with Pro-Fab.

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Energy Efficient Homes for Greener Living

Building Energy-Efficient Homes for Greener Living

Why do we build “green” homes? Energy efficiency has become more important to both consumers and builders in recent years. When you build and live in a “green” home, you are rewarded with cleaner air, lower energy costs, and a smaller impact on the environment. As a home builder, we recognize that these benefit the consumer, but we don’t just build green homes because our customers want them. Each eco-friendly and energy-efficient home that we produce makes a difference for […]


6 Steps to Owning your New Pro-Fab Modular Home

One of the most common concerns homebuyers have about purchasing a new modular home is how the process compares to purchasing an existing home or working with a traditional stick-built home. We’ve put together this quick overview of the 6-step Pro-Fab Homes modular home-buying process, so that you can more easily picture working with us on your new home. – Step 1. Research and Planning This is what you are doing right now! In these beginning stages, you will develop […]

What is a Profab Home?

What is a Pro-Fab home?

There is a huge misconception in the housing market about what an actual prefabricated home is. Many people have the assumption that a prefabricated home is a mobile home, such as one you might find within a trailer park. However, this is very far from the truth. A prefabricated home falls under the same classification and quality as a traditionally crafted home. Generally, prefabricated homes can be constructed using a panel building process, or a modular process. Pro-Fab Homes uses […]


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