6 Steps to Owning your New Pro-Fab Modular Home

News | 28/07/17

One of the most common concerns homebuyers have about purchasing a new modular home is how the process compares to purchasing an existing home or working with a traditional stick-built home. We’ve put together this quick overview of the 6-step Pro-Fab Homes modular home-buying process, so that you can more easily picture working with us on your new home.

Step 1. Research and Planning

This is what you are doing right now! In these beginning stages, you will develop a clear understanding of what a Pro-Fab Home is, the construction process, and what will set your new home apart. You may read articles online, check out floor plans, and/or read reviews from other homeowners to help you decide what kind of home is right for you.

When you’re ready, the first step is to connect with us via phone or come visit our model home in order to learn more about the options you have with Pro-Fab Homes.  It may take a few visits before you are ready to make a decision, but here are some key considerations that we go over with you, to help you find the right solution for your needs. During this process, you will work with us to:

  • Establish a budget and timeline
  • Understand your design & floor plan options
  • Review options for the best-suited lot for your needs, if you don’t already own one
  • Address any other question you may have!

Step 2. Design & Customize

This step can look pretty daunting at first, but this is the fun part! When you decide to commit to a new Pro-Fab Home, we collaborate one-on-one with you for your full design consultation. During this process, we gain a full understanding of what your needs and dreams are, including any special requests you might have for your new home. At this point, you get to pick your final floor plan, customizations and finishing touches, and we use this information to create drawings of your new home and draft your cost estimate.  We will review this with you, and continue to revise or refine your plan until your new home suits your needs and budget. We know the planning and creative process requires tweaks and changes along the way, so our designers are patient and considerate of all your needs.

Step 3. Purchase & Building Preparation

This is the part of the process where you will finalize financing, and we can work with you to connect you with the right contractors who will prepare your lot and maintain a tight work schedule, laying a foundation and making sure you have the right team and equipment for delivery day. Even though your project coordinator is your key contact, we are here to answer any questions that might arise. When all of these details are finalized and everyone is in agreement, the final paperwork is signed, your deposit is placed, and we begin construction on your new home in our secure facility.

Step 4: Production, Delivery & Construction (approximately 2 months)

This is where you start to experience one of the main benefits of purchasing a Pro-Fab Home. While the site is being prepared, we order all the materials for your new home, and begin construction in our ultra-modern plant. Each piece of your home is diligently constructed, inspected, and put through rigorous quality-control every step of the way, so that you can expect the high-quality and durable finished product that we are known for.

The production process takes place in six to eight weeks. When each module of your home is ready, it is carefully and securely packed and ready to be delivered to your lot. At this point, your home is constructed on-site in a single day—and it’s starting to look like your new home!

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Once the modules are assembled, your newly constructed home is ready for on-site finishing work. Because the main sections of your home were already completed, and many items, such as kitchen and bath fixtures, are already in place, the finishing process is very smooth—and quick!—taking place over 4-8 weeks. At this point, your on-site team will complete the heating, plumbing and electrical hookups, tape and mud, as well as the aesthetics of your new home: the roofing, siding, flooring, paint, and appliances.

Step 6: Move in!

This is the best part! Your new home is finished and ready for you to move in. Only a few short months after you signed the paperwork, you can be kicking off your shoes in your new Pro-Fab Home.

As you can see, you are just six steps away from owning a new Pro-Fab Home! It all starts with your first phone call, visit to one of our qualified builders, or visit to our showroom in Tilton, NH.

Please give us a call if you have any questions, or if you are ready to begin your home-buying journey.


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