Building Energy-Efficient Homes for Greener Living

General | 08/08/17

Why do we build “green” homes?

Energy efficiency has become more important to both consumers and builders in recent years. When you build and live in a “green” home, you are rewarded with cleaner air, lower energy costs, and a smaller impact on the environment. As a home builder, we recognize that these benefit the consumer, but we don’t just build green homes because our customers want them. Each eco-friendly and energy-efficient home that we produce makes a difference for our children and their future generations, to make small steps towards a more sustainable future.


How are Pro-Fab Homes modular homes “green”?

By producing your home in our controlled manufacturing facility, we are able to build homes more efficiently. This means that we minimize wasted materials by purchasing in bulk and cutting products for use in multiple homes.


Homes built with energy efficiency in mind not only consume fewer precious natural resources but they are also more comfortable and natural. These are some of the materials we use to make your new home more efficient:

  • R-25 wall insulation
  • R-42 attic insulation
  • Air tight wall and ceiling assemblies
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV)
  • High performance windows c/w low E, Argon gas filled thermopanes
  • Insulated steel exterior doors


In addition to the specific products that we use to promote our homes’ energy efficiency, modular homes have a more snug, secure fit between each wall and section, resulting in construction that is naturally more air-tight. This construction, paired with the right insulation, assemblies, and windows, means that your home has less heat loss in the winter, and less heat gain in the summer, so that you can spend less time and money on regulating the temperature in your home.


Energy Star® Certified Homes

Our products and production methods allow our home models to earn the ENERGY STAR.  ENERGY STAR standards exceed the current building code minimums, and are equivalent to Home Energy Rating System (HERS)’s Five Star Home in the US. Homes that earn the ENERGY STAR label use 15-30% less energy than typical new homes; this is value to the homeowner in energy savings throughout the years spent in the home, and a future selling point if the home goes on the market.


These are some of the factors that qualify our homes as ENERGY STAR homes:

  • Air tightness (“blower door test”) not exceeding 2.4 air exchanges per hour
  • Ducts are better sealed and our Heat Recovery Ventilation System reduces exposure to sources of indoor air pollutants, meeting indoor air quality testing


All of these features help us deliver a safer and more durable “green” home for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more, or to begin building your new energy-efficient Pro-Fab Home.


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