What is a Pro-Fab home?

News | 31/05/17

What is a Profab Home?

There is a huge misconception in the housing market about what an actual prefabricated home is. Many people have the assumption that a prefabricated home is a mobile home, such as one you might find within a trailer park.

However, this is very far from the truth. A prefabricated home falls under the same classification and quality as a traditionally crafted home. Generally, prefabricated homes can be constructed using a panel building process, or a modular process.

Pro-Fab Homes uses the modular form of construction, which provides some great advantages over traditional building methods. Here’s a quick breakdown of how modular home building pulls ahead of the pack in quality and affordability.

One of the largest struggles that a traditionally built home contends with is unforeseen weather conditions. How can a roofer shingle a roof in a rain or a snow storm? How can the sheetrock be hung or installed, if the shingles aren’t laid down on the roof to keep the water out? How can the interior be painted, if there is no sheetrock to paint? With a modular home, none of these unforeseen weather delays will ever be an issue.

How is a modular home different? A modular home is built in a weather-controlled environment. Each individual piece is constructed to the highest standards in a manufacturing facility customized for building homes, protected from devastating weather conditions or on-site setbacks. Once each piece of your newly built home is completed and inspected, it is then carefully covered and brought to the worksite, and assembled in one day! Then your house is ready for the on-site finishing work, such as plumbing and electrical hookups, tape and mud, paint, appliances, and so on.

So, maybe you would like to take your chances on a really nice few months to build a traditional stick-built home, and you think weather won’t be an issue. But here in New England, you know as well as I do, snow is not uncommon even in the spring!

But let’s set weather conditions aside. There is another factor that makes a modular home the wisest choice: reliability. Contractors and subcontractors are a huge part in the traditional construction process. Your timeline depends on their timeline. With an unpredictability similar to the weather, sometimes contractors or subcontractors simply fail to show up.

So, what happens then?

If a roofer doesn’t finish on time, there are many other aspects of the job that are put on hold, and the building process faces delays. Again, if the sheetrock isn’t hung, the painter can’t paint!

In a modular building environment, we are able to have multiple people on-site who are trained in the building process. If any of our employees request or need a day off, the production schedule does not stop. With our diversified team of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, drywall installers, roofers, you can rest assured your home will be built and delivered on time!

So is that all—weather conditions and a reliable timeline—that sets a modular home apart from traditional on-site stick-building?

Nope!  Another factor (which you may appreciate more than any other) is affordability. By establishing a controlled and safe work environment for our employees and a facility with the ability to build different pieces of multiple homes on the same production cycle, it allows us to save on overhead and also to buy our building materials in large quantities. By doing this, we are able save on materials, watch for fluctuations in the market and control costs that traditional builders are unable to control.

What does this mean to you, the customer? We pass these savings on to our home-buyers, so buying a Pro-Fab home is more affordable and obtainable.

But this all starts with that initial phone call. We would love to answer any of your questions about the difference between a traditional stick-built home and a modular home, and get you on the path to owning your new Pro-Fab home!


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