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About Pro-fab

As a modular home leader for 25 years, the Pro-Fab Group has earned every one of its satisfied customers. We stand by every home we build and deliver. We are close to our customers with a distribution network covering Quebec, Ontario and the Northeastern United States.

Pro-Fab Details

  • We have 3 manufacturing sites
  • We employ over 200 hardworking employees
  • We offer over 50 models to choose from
  • We proudly have thousands of satisfied customers
  • And we have earned numerous industry awards


Pro-Fab is a leader in the construction of superior quality manufactured dwellings,  offering the best delivery timelines in the industry everywhere in Quebec and New England. Our strength lies in our personalized design service and facilitating accompaniment service which allows us to offer a distinctive experience to our customers. Our professional and devoted team is the foundation of Pro-Fab’s success.


  • Customer service
  • Respect of both our personnel and collaborators
  • Quality product and service
  • Production and operations cost control
  • Good corporate citizen

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